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Dancing on Rocks is the fourth "Stand-Alone"
novel in my Blue Ridge Series and my seventh
wins Gold Medal in 2012 IPPY Awards for Fiction-Southeast
Karen Godwell isn't as much ashamed of her mountain heritage as of what she had to do to preserve it.
She reinvents herself at college and doesn't look back till her clan's historic farm is threatened. The gutsy New York Metropolitan Museum curator returns to the mountains only to come face to face with who she was and what she did.
Decendants of the early settlers still have a grip on the farmlands deep in the folds of the southern Blue Ridge Mountains, but the ground is shifting beneath their feet. Cousin Bruce, the town historian, sees life through the family's colorful two-hundred-year past; Tom Gibbons, a local conservationist, keeps one eye on the mountains and the other on Karen; Karen's nine-year-old daughter, Hali, is in the throes of the mission her dying father sent her on; and Karen is hiding the ugly secret that drove her away.
As she wrestles her dangerously cunning brother for the farm, Karen straddles the divide between the staunchly independent mountain culture she comes from and the sophisticated world she has become part of.
Josua Simcox wrote in WNC
“Rose Senehi, author of the widely praised Blue Ridge Series of novels,
continues with her winning blend of romantic suspense and passion for
environmental conservancy in Render Unto the Valley…her talent for
authentic characterizations and high-tension plotting continue to grow.”
Rob Neufeld wrote in Asheville CITIZEN-TIMES
“Senehi offsets suspense with local preservation and history details, and
delivers handsomely. …even late in the novel, there are some intriguing
surprises. Ignore the archaic title and glib first paragraph… and enjoy the ride.
Midwest Book Review
“A small town drama that speaks to the mountain life. Render Unto the Valley
is an excellent and much recommended read, not to be overlooked.”
Rapid River Arts & Culture Magazine, Review by Patrice Tappe
"Using her own unique and descriptive writing style (reminiscent of Dean Koontz), Senehi offers the reader a well-conceived thriller and conveys a sense of breathless danger which escalates throughout...Rose Senehi's book delights with an interesting cast of characters, some quirky, many based on real-life people living in the counties of Western North Carolina."

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Simmering beneath the skin and hiding around every corner are a family's painful memories of a child who disappeared in the middle of the night 25 years ago.
Nursing her mother back to health wasn't all that drew Georgie Haydock back to the mountain tourist town of Chimney Rock. The summer roils as her mother thrashes in her bed, insisting that the strange woman stalking her store downstairs is Georgie's missing sister. Georgie aches to reunite with the hometown boy she never forgot; yet, she fears all the turmoil will force her to unveil the secret that she's kept since she was six. But naturalist Ron Elliott doesn't care what Georgie did all those years back. She's the one creature he's always yearned to possess. Rose talks about this book on the Dancing on Rocks page.
Praise for Dancing on Rocks
"Dancing on Rocks is riveting from beginning to end."- Anita Lock for IndiReader

"This is a 'find a good, comfortable spot, plenty of time, and a great cup of coffee' kind of book. Once opened, the reader is taken on the trip of a lifetime. It encompasses beautiful settings, noteworthy incidents, memorable characters, a well-thought out, realistic plot, and is expertly written."
- N.C. Society of Historians, Inc.

"Spooky strangers spying on the town, mysterious disappearances of long ago, buried treasure
- maybe it is inevitable that a story set in the shadows of one of the most famous crags in America would be a cliffhanger. And Dancing on Rocks is certainly that. But it is also a telling study of individuals, families and local history. Rose Senehi has written a complex but entertaining story."- Fred Chappell, North Carolina poet laureate emeritus and author of Ancestors and Others and Look Back All the Green Valley.

"...a book that manages the rare feat of being a page turner as well as a satisfying exploration of the human heart; a book that, like the river that runs through Chimney Rock, is swift and deep.- Tommy Hays, Author of What I Came to Tell You and The Pleasure Was Mine

"...Senehi weaves a multi-layered tale of emotional power and redemptive transformation. Simply put, the tale is a love story of rich complexity-love of land, love of family, love of what has been, and the longing love of what might have been. Senehi pulls you into her characters' lives and makes you care about all of it."
- Mark deCastrique, Author, A Murder in Passing, A Sam Blackman Mystery

"Senehi's keen observation of the natural beauty of the mountains, in sharp contrast to the tourist kitsch of a tiny mountain community, provides a vivid setting for the tangled lives and loves of the village's inhabitants
- Vicki Lane, Author of the Elizabeth Goodweather Appalachian Mysteries

"Few locally set novels involve their settings as faithfully as Dancing on Rocks captures various aspects of Chimney Rock. Senehi does this by contrasting the history and the contemporary reality of the up-and-down tourist town. The dialogue is natural; the theme, 'we will survive.' Deftly, Senehi folds in mystery, romance, environmentalism, and oh!-a great character in the person of the heroine's spunky mom."-Rob Neufeld, Book Reviewer, Asheville Citizen-Times; Web Editor, The Read on WNC
Winner of 2014 Indie-Reader Discovery Award for Popular Fiction