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Stand-Alone Novels


"Rose Senehi knows and loves her mountains and their people, and in Falling Off A Cliff she shares them with an unerring eye and a fine sense of detail.  But this is not just another mountain book.  It is the riveting story of two women on journeys at the core of their lives—Lula Mae, striving toward her future, and Holly, in search of the mysteries of her past.  It is a superb piece of fiction from a gifted storyteller. —Robert Inman, Author, Home Fires Burning.


"In Falling Off a Cliff, Rose Senehi plunges us into a world rich with a unique sense of time and place. This is a haunting tale of two strong women, a generation apart, whose sole ambition is to bring healing to their community despite the challenging terrain and suspicious attitudes.  But for one of them, healing must also come from within as she searches for her lost past shrouded by a dark, impenetrable secret.  The satisfying mixture of history and mystery yields a novel that will be remembered well beyond the turn of the last page.”  —Mark de Castrique, Author, Fatal Scores,

A Sam Blackman Mystery           


Carolina Belle is an inherently entertaining and consistently compelling read from beginning to end. Although a work of fiction, Carolina Belle not only shows Rose Senehi as having a genuine flair for deftly creating memorable characters, but a novelist who pays serious attention to getting her story’s historical details correct.” —James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review 

Carolina Belle is a love story. A history of the love of apples and the apple orchardists of Henderson County, NC. I finished the book and was sorry to leave the landscapes and the people, and wanted to start my own apple tree from seed. Senehi does not disappoint in her latest novel—elegance of everyday living, well presented and not dramatized, and close to a perfect story.” —Emöke B’Rácz, Poet and Founder, Malaprop’s Book & Café, Asheville, NC 

"Dancing on Rocks by Rose Senehi is a 'find yourself a good, comfortable spot, plenty of time, and a great cup of coffee' kind of book. Once opened, the reader is taken on the trip of a lifetime. It encompasses beautiful settings, noteworthy incidents, memorable characters, a well-thought out, realistic plot, and is expertly written."  —N.C. Society of Historians, Inc.

“Maybe it is inevitable that a story set in the shadows of one of the most famous crags in America would be a cliffhanger. And Dancing on Rocks is certainly that. But it is also a telling study of individuals, families and local history.”—Fred Chappell, North Carolina Poet Laureate and Author, Ancestors and Others and Look Back All the Green Valley 

Catching Fire is the story of the heroism and professionalism of the men and women of the state’s firefighting community during the worst fire outbreak experienced in North Carolina in decades, The Party Rock Fire of November 2016 will open the door to the often unseen acts of dedication, sacrifice, and commitment that can only be understood by those who undertake the challenge and honor of serving as one of North Carolina’s over 52,000 highly trained and well equipped firefighters,

of whom approximately 42,000 are volunteers and who come from the 1,940 fire stations throughout the state’s 100 counties—ultimately living up to our state’s motto, Esse Quam Videri: 'To be rather

than to seem.'” —Derrick Clouston, Deputy Director, Office of the NC State Fire Marshal.


“It’s always a pleasure to immerse oneself in a world that an author creates with a good story. Holly Baldwin’s search for the truth by following her heart in Senehi’s Falling Off a Cliff encourages me to jump off my own cliff and dive for the truth in my search for my fore-parents. It’s everyone’s center. 

Emöke B’Rácz, Poet and Founder, Malaprop’s Book & Café, and Downtown Books and News, Asheville, NC

“Engaging, well written, and a compelling read from beginning to end, Catching Fire showcases the narrative storytelling talents of author Rose Senehi. Certain to be an immediate and enduring addition to community library Contemporary General Fiction collections. —Midwest Book Review

Catching Fire is a fine combination of fictional story and an important historical event. The story of a disastrous fire in Western North Carolina claims the reader's attention immediately. That attention is sustained as the story unfolds through an engaging narrative that weaves facts into an interesting plot with vivid characters and exciting dialogue. Appropriately, credit is included for the dozens of in-state and out-of-state support groups who served in ‘real life’ to contain the ‘real life’ Party Rock Fire.” —The North Carolina Society of Historians.


Senehi has seeded Carolina Belle with characters who, like the apple, are sharp-sweet, earth-locked, rain-splashed and distinctive in coloring. There is no lack of plot twists, romantic liaisons, mysteries solved and unsolved, and Senehi's zippy dialogue which bring her mountain folk to life. —Patrice Tappe, Rapid River Magazine


"When it comes to plotting, Senehi is expert. She gets enough going in Carolina Belle to make sure the suspense is complex, and the dramatic resolutions multiple." —Rob Neufeld, Asheville Citizen-Times

"Novelist Rose Senehi, who lives in Western North Carolina's Apple Country, uses this fertile territory to raise a romance which should leave readers smacking their lips. However, the real appeal in Carolina Belle, lies in Senehi's well-researched picture of the apple industry." —Ben Steelman, Wilmington Star News

Dancing on Rocks is riveting from beginning to end." —Anita Lock for IndiReader


"Dancing on Rocks is a 'find yourself a good, comfortable spot, plenty of time, and a great cup of coffee' kind of book. Once opened, the reader is taken on the trip of a lifetime. It encompasses beautiful settings, noteworthy incidents, memorable characters, a well-thought out, realistic plot, and is expertly written."  —N.C. Society of Historians, Inc.


In the Shadows of Chimney Rock manages the rare feat of being a page turner as well as a satisfying exploration of the human heart. A book that, like the river that runs though Chimney Rock, is swift and deep.”—Tommy Hays, Author, What I Came to Tell You and The Pleasure Was Mine


“In Dancing on Rocks, Senehi weaves a multi-layered tale of emotional power and redemptive transformation. Simply put, the tale is a love story of rich complexity—love of land, love of family, love of what has been, and the longing love of what might have been. Senehi pulls you into her characters' lives  and makes you care about all of it.”  —Mark deCastrique, Author, A Murder in Passing,  A Sam Blackman Mystery


“Few locally set novels involve their settings as faithfully as Dancing on Rocks captures various aspects of Chimney Rock. Senehi does this by contrasting the history and the contemporary reality of the up-and-down tourist town. The dialogue is natural; the theme, ‘we will survive.’ Deftly, Senehi folds in mystery, romance, environmentalism, and oh!—a great character in the person of the heroine’s spunky mom.”  —Rob Neufeld, Book Reviewer, Asheville  Citizen-Times


"Rose Senehi, author of the widely praised Blue Ridge Series of novels, continues with her winning blend of romantic suspense and passion for environmental conservancy in Render Unto the Valley. Her talent for authentic characterizations and high-tension plotting continue to grow." — Josua Simcox, WNC Magazine


"In Render Unto the Valley, Senehi offsets suspense with local preservation and history details, and delivers handsomely. ...even late in the novel, there are some intriguing surprises. Ignore the archaic title and glib first paragraph... and enjoy the ride. —Rob Neufeld, Asheville CITIZEN-TIMES


"A small town drama that speaks to the mountain life. Render Unto the Valley is an excellent and much recommended read, not to be overlooked." —Midwest Book Review


"In The Wind in the Woods, using her own unique and descriptive writing style (reminiscent of Dean Koontz), Senehi offers the reader a well-conceived thriller that conveys a sense of breathless danger which escalates throughout.Rose Senehi's book delights with an interesting cast of characters, some quirky, living in the counties of Western North Carolina." —Patrice Tappe, Rapid River Arts & Culture Magazine


In The Wind in the Woods, Rose Senehi is emerging as a skilled teller of stories that connect people to place.” —Katie Baer, OUR STATE MAGAZINE


“A little romance, a little murder, and a lesson.” —Deirdre Parker Smith, SALISBURY POST for The Wiind in the Woods


The Wind in the Woods is a tapestry woven from three distinct threads. It’s a thriller, a heart-tugging second-chance romance, and a fond tribute to youth camps in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains.” —RAPID RIVER MAGAZINE


“Re-kindled love, a relentless stalker, an overprotected boy—woven into a compelling tale of the Blue Ridge Mountains. —MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW for The Wind in the Woods


“You’ll want to carve a sizable chunk of time to read The Wind in the Woods, because it’s hard to put down. The Camp Green River passages are charming; the romance stories are absorbing; and

the suspense is absolutely riveting.” —Schuyler Kaufman, CAROLINA MOUNTAIN LIFE


The Wind in the Woods is both engaging and harrowing.” —MOUNTAIN EXPRESS


"Rose Senehi begins her new novel, In the Shadows of Chimney Rock, with a scene of such high drama, you wonder if she can sustain the intensity. Senehi not only sustains that opening intensity, she ups it in a high-speed tale with as many twists as a mountain road. —Arnold Wengrow, Writer and book review editor for Theatre Design and Technology magazine.


“Rose Senehi knows it is essential that we save our Southern Appalachians from pollution and over-development, and work for a responsible stewardship of the region. In the Shadows of Chimney Rock concerns not only the mountain past, and the all-too-real present, but, more important, the mountain and human future. This story will thrill and disturb you by turns, and also inspire hope for the years ahead for the highlands we love.” —Robert Morgan, Author of Brave Enemies and Boone: A Biography


 “Senehi has created a thrilling and heart-warming story set against the conflict between developers who are ravaging the mountains of Western North Carolina and those who are fighting to save its beauty for the generations to come. In the Shadows of Chimney Rock is a must read!” —Joan Medlicott, Author of the Ladies of Covington series, and Come Walk with Me

Falling Off a Cliff--Two women, a generation apart and from two different worlds, are driven by a passion to heal. Will one have her innocence shattered and the other be forever haunted by the search for a mother she's never known?

The Wind in the Woods--Nominated for the Thomas Wolfe Memorial Award--Rekindled love, a relentless stalker, an overprotected boy, all women into a compelling tale.

Catching Fire--Winner, Historical Book Award, NC Society of Historians, Inc. Read how the State's emergency response network fought the Party Rock Fire of Nov. 2016 that threatened to devour the mountaind towns of Lake Lure and Chimney Rock.

Render Unto the Valley--Winner of the 2012 IPPY Gold Medal for Fiction-Southeast. The save her historic family farm, will a woman finally face the ugly secret that drove her away?

Carolina Belle--Rich in emotion and driven by suspense, woven throughout this story is the fascinating history of the American apple.

Dancing on Rocks--Winner of the 2014 Indi-Reader Discovery Award for Popular Fiction. A woman harbours the dark secret of her little sister's disappearance from a mountain village twenty-five years ago. 

In the Shadows of Chimney Rock--Nominated for the 2009 SIBA Book Award--A Southern heiress reaches out to her mountain roots and fights to save the mountain her fother loved, never suspecting the man who killed his is stalking her.

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