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Two women, a generation apart and from two different worlds, are driven by a passion to heal. Will one have her innocence shattered and the other be forever haunted by an unanswered mystery?

Time, like a pendulum, swings the reader between two women born to make a difference with their healing hands no matter what dangers they have to face. In the 1920s, Lula Mae clings to a doctor woman as they gallop horseback all over the steep, harsh Blue Ridge Mountains where fierce pride and guarded secrets define the people they try to help. In the 60s, Nurse Holly travels the same mountain paths to reach the ill and search for the mother she's never known. Can Holly breach the fortress where mountain folk protect their own and share a code of silence to guard their secrets, or will she be denied the answer that would unravel the mystery and finally give her a glimpse of where she came from?

"I'm hoping you will enjoy meeting Lula Mae McWade as much as I did writing about her. Born in 1916, this feisty mountain girl will draw you into her world as she clings to a doctor woman while riding horseback all through the mountains to aid the sick. This historical novel will take you back to a time when people had no one to rely on for aid but family, neighbors, and the church. You'll meet Holly Baldwin, who is just as fierce and dedicated to helping the sick and needy, except she's doing it as a public health nurse in the 1960s when there were no GPS or cell phones, and a lot of the treacherous mountain roads were still unpaved. As Holly searches for the mother she's never known, I promise, you'll be rooting for her to discover her hidden past. I hope this novel envelopes you in a time when communities survived and thrived with the belief that they were all in it together, and they came to each other's aid with love and compassion." --Rose Senehi

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